Paintballers 4 Autism 1st team

Paintballers 4 Autism 1st team

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paintballers 4 Autism 2012 Paintball Gear Pre Order

Paintballers 4 Autism along with Style Supply our proud to announce the creation of the 2012 Paintballers 4 Autism gear. We are now taken preorders for the new gear. For 2012 we are offering the following gear:
Headband: $25
Podbag: $30
Barrel Bag: $15
Mini Jersey: $15
Pro Style Jersey: $90
The Paintballers 4 Autism 2012 Jersey was designed by the talented staff at Forgotten Muse Media. Style Supply will be producing the gear.

Our soft goods are one of our main ways of raising money throughout the year. With your support we can continue to aid those less fortunate. We continue to support Autism Speaks along with various local Autism groups to help those in the community.
Our goal is to continue to help in a small way funding for research along with being able to help those already afflicted with autism in 2012. With your support by buying our gear you too will also be helping those with autism.

Pro Style Jersey/Size

Mini Jersey

Pod Bag

Barrel Bag

PB4A Headband

Monday, July 18, 2011

About Paintballers 4 Autism

Paintballer’s 4 Autism is dedicated to people who are inflicted with any of the diseases on the Autism Spectrum. Our goal is to raise money to assist organization and families pay for different services they provide or may need. We also want to provide a place where children and adults that suffer from an Autism Spectrum disease may have the opportunity to play Paintball. 

Paintballer’s 4 Autism was created in March 2010 by Richard Greenaway and Michael Sokol whose sons both suffer from Autism Spectrum Diseases, and are also Paintball Players

Richard “Rick” Greenaway started paintball in 2008 just playing recreational, then in 2009 Rick went to his first organized paintball event at AirSports Paintball in Ludlow. The Hint for Lost Vegas is where the paintball bug hit Rick hard. From there he continued to play more organized paintball. In January 2010 Rick tried out for Identity Paintball, where he was selected for there 5man team that played in the NEPL. After the third event he went on to play for Identity but for one of the 7Man teams in the NEPL/MLP for the last two events. For the 2011 season Rick will be playing with Boston Menace.

Rick Greenaway is married to his wife Jessica and the have a son Dylan who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in 2009. With that Rick decided he wanted to do something to help, so in August he attended the Hunt for Lost Vegas, That is where he met Michael Sokol. As the year went on Rick was thinking of ways to do more and help, that is where he had the Idea of Paintballers 4 Autism. He went to Mike to see if he was interested, and from there Paintballers 4 Autism PB4A was born. 

PB4A would like to continue to bring quality goods into the market, along with providing two quality tournaments a year and also field a team in various events in local events in 2011

We hosted our 1st tournament in January 2011. We had 17 teams of all different levels. We hope to continue to bring a top ran 3 man tournament in the Northeast for 2012. We are currently looking for a location to hold our event for 2012. We hope to have more teams and hold two different divisions.

This fall PB4A Factory Team made there first event appearance at the Poor Mans World Cup in Syracuse, NY. We hope to continue this program to help get the word out about Paintballers 4 Autism and Autism awareness.

Paintballers 4 Autism would be no where with out the support of there great sponsors, Planet Eclipse, Furious Barrels, Forgotten Muse Media, Paintball X3,  Kohn Sports, AirSports Paintball, Cron Paintball and Players Choice Production

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paintballers 4 Autism Etek 3 Raffle

Here is your chance to Purchase your tickets for the Paintballers 4 Autism Planet Eclipse Etek 3 Raffle. We are selling tickets for $5.00 a piece.

                       Here is the Finished Product..

1st Prize: Customed lasered Planet Eclipse Etek 3 Lasering by Kohn Paintball
2nd Prize: Furious Barrel Kit. 14in tip 4 Backs
3rd Prize: Custom Paintballers 4 Autism Jersey.

Number of Tickets

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paintballers 4 Autism Ego 11

Paintballers 4 Autism presents it Limited Edition Paintballers 4 Autism Ego 11. Paintballers 4 Autism Teamed up with two of there great Sponsors Planet Eclipse along with Kohn Paintball to bring you one of the hottest looking Ego 11's out there... Be one of only 10 people to have the chance to own this sweet looking gun.. But here is some of the great perks about it, Not only are you getting a great gun and helping out a great cause, but you can write off a part of this purchace on your taxes.. Thats right, you can write off $375 of this purchase on your 2011 taxes...

New Items from PB4A

Just want everyone to know that, Paintballers 4 Autism will be releaseing a new Jersey headband and Barrel Bag this summer. Forgotten Muse Media has been working on an all new design along with Style Supply quality gear Paintballers 4 Autism will be offering some of the sickest gear in the market... Stay tuned for more info

Forgotten Muse Media Offical Graphic Designer of Paintballers 4 Autism


Paintballers 4 Autism and Forgotten Muse Media team up.

Westfield Massachusetts, April 11, 2011
Paintballers 4 Autism and Forgotten Muse Media are proud to announce
that Forgotten Muse will be the official graphic designer for Paintballers 4 Autism.
Over the season Forgotten Muse will be designing Paintballers 4 Autism’s Guns, Jersey, headband, barrel bags and other items.

Forgotten Muse has established themselves as one of the top graphic design companies in the paintball community. Their quality and gift for fine detail makes them a great company to help Paintballers 4 Autism produce quality gear.

Richard Greenaway from Paintballers 4 Autism had this to say, “Forgotten Muse has
designed some of the best gear for some of the top teams in Paintball. To have them be apart of this is a huge honor. The looks they come up with are on the cutting edge and continue to impress the paintball world.

Richard Continues “Meme and the rest of the staff there have been great to deal with. From just asking advice on things to just lending a helping hand to help get a project on the road they have been there. I am honored to have them want to be apart of this adventure and can not wait to see what they will come up with to continue to spread the word about Autism Awareness…”

“We’re so glad to be working with Paintballers  4 Autism. Rick and the team all have huge hearts and we’re glad to be able to help their cause. By the end of the season we want to see puzzle pieces in everyone’s gear-bags.” Said Meme Mader, referring to the puzzle pieces that are a symbol  of hope for those who have lovedones affected by autism.

Having Forgotten Muse come on board during Autism Awareness Month makes this a even more memorable and sentimental announcement.

To continue to see the latest from Forgotten Muse Media check out their website,